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Diagnostic of perinatal injury
is no longer a problem!

We are preparing ONIRY, medical device, that helps you detect and properly diagnose perinatal injuries just after natural delivery.

OASIS Diagnostics SA

Polish MedTech company, which was created to design, develop and study the new method to detect and properly diagnose problems with sphincter injury, that may appear particularly after vaginal delivery, but not only. From here we focus on the R&D and plan to manufacture and distribute our medical product throughout the world to help women to improve post-partum diagnostics possibilities, and doctors to take even better care of their patients.

Sphincter injury


Perinatal problems

Every fourth woman has some kind of sphincter injury after natural vaginal delivery.


Detection rate

80% of all sphincter injuries occurring after delivery are undiagnosed and unobserved during puerperium.



Lack of proper therapy can cause several issues, decreased quality of live or exclusion from social life.

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Diagnostic system combining 3 components

  • Probe
  • Probe
  • Comfortable
  • Reusable
  • With selective area of the study
  • Device
  • Device
  • Wireless
  • Online analytics
  • With checked electronic parameters

  • Applications
  • Applications
  • Connections
  • Diagnostics module
  • Control of training progress


Scientific Reports

Our paper has been already published in Open Access

Take a look at the full text


Clinical Trial Phase II - the status is recruiting

See the description on ClinicalTrials.gov (ID: NCT04181840)


Clinical Trial Phase I - the recrutation is done, we are preparing the report

See the description on ClinicalTrials.gov (ID: NCT03769792)


Method to assess pelvic floor muscles injury, and probe and apparatus to implement the method

Patent in Poland has been already obtained! We are during the PCT phase!

See our application


We have prepared the library about the problem!

Take a look